PMC Property Group Terms & Conditions

APPLICANT’S CONSENT: “I hereby authorize PMC Property Group, or its Agents to obtain a consumer report, and other information it deems necessary, for the purpose of evaluating my application. I understand that such information may include, but is not limited to, credit history, civil and criminal information, records of arrest, rental history, employment/salary details, vehicle records, licensing records, and/or any other necessary information. I understand that subsequent consumer reports may be obtained and utilized under this authorization in connection with an update, renewal, extension or collection with respect or in connection with the rental lease of a residence, which this application was made. I hereby expressly release PMC Property Group, or its Agents, and any procurer or furnisher of information, from any liability what-so-ever in the use, procurement, or furnishing of such information, and understand that my application information may be provided to various local, state, and/or federal government agencies including without limitation, various law enforcement agencies. With this application I am paying a non-refundable Application Fee. In addition, I have submitted a non-refundable Application Deposit. This application deposit is made in consideration of PMC taking the prospective leased premises off the rental market, and preparing the premises for my occupancy on or before my approved move in date. Accordingly, if I do not take occupancy of the apartment after signing this application, I understand that I forfeit my Application Deposit. If PMC denies my application, the application deposit will be refunded. Please be aware that if information necessary for the completion of the approval process is not provided  in 5 days from the current date, PMC reserves the right to deny the application. I also agree that at the signing of this application, my move-in date, if approved by management, is final and I will be responsible for rent beginning on the specified date. I understand that upon signing the written lease agreement, my Application Deposit will be applied towards my Security Deposit. I understand it is my sole responsibility to carry rental insurance for all of my personal property. I understand that with the exception of cleaning and painting the apartment will be rented as is. All agreements to: make any changes to the apartment, do additional repairs or upgrades, or to credit my account for any reason must be placed in writing and signed by myself and an authorized representative from PMC. Verbal agreements will not be honored.” By submitting this application, I agree that I have read and understand the information contained in the Applicant’s Consent and am bound by the terms there-in.