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With Over 50,000 square feet of amenities, we have it all.


The Riverwalk experience is defined by the lifestyles of those who call it home.

  • Coming Soon: Sports courts featuring basketball, volleyball, paddle tennis, platform tennis, badminton, squash, soccer

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    a young man and a young woman playing tennis
  • Infinity pool with sun terraces

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    a group of young people on three pool floaties
  • Fitness center

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    a series of people running on tradmills
  • Yoga and Pilates studios

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    People in relaxed yoga poses during a yoga class
  • Cycling studio

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    a man and a woman pedal intensely in a spin cycling class
  • Flagship Giant™ supermarket featuring: on-the-go hot and cold food bar, wine and beer

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    a young woman shopping at a grocery store
  • On-site Starbucks™

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    a young man reviews the items at a Starbucks checkout
  • Co-working and private office pods

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    young people working at their desks
  • Resident and outdoor lounges

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    a group of young people playing music and dancing
  • 24/7 front desk attendant

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    two women at the front desk of an apartment building and a concierge bell
  • Outdoor picnic patio

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    4 young people talk at an outdoor table and play cards
  • Package acceptance

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    A man hand-delivers a cardboard parcel and  a hand is seen to receive it
  • Pet friendly & on-site pet care

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    a young woman holding a corgi
  • On-site parking with car-charging

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    a hand electrically charging a car
  • Bike storage

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    two young people at a bike share station
  • On-site Giant™ supermarket delivery

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    Two people stand next to the open refrigerator, opening a box of groceries

Pet Policy

a young woman holding an orange tabby kitten
a young man holding a puppy


two young women on swan floatation devices in a pool and text that says "Infinity Pool with Sun Terrace"
two young women doing yoga with sunlight behind them and text that says "Yoga Studio"
a young woman and young man on bikes underneath some trees and text that says "PMC Bike Share Program & Bike Storage"
two young men playing basketball and text that says "Expansive Multi-Sport Field House and Athletic Courts"